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Press Clippings

"For me this duo from Baltimore represents an excellent example of how it's possible for great artists to fly just below the radar of most of the world. In fact, it's the main reason reallymusicradio is shine a light on music that's this good. "Five By Five" is the just the latest CD from Naked Blue, and like lots of fabulous music, trying to drop them into a pigeonhole doesn't do them (or you) justice. Great songs and a unique musical point of view are a couple of reasons to dig a little deeper. Other tracks featured on reallymusicradio are "Fear Of Flight" "Welcome Home" "Pink Hat" and "Extraordinarily." - REALLY MUSIC RADIO

Naked Blue, Five by Five (Bluetick) "Folk-pop duo Naked Blue cut eleven tracks for their latest album; shouldn't it really be called Eleven by Two? (Actually Five by Five refers to a radio rating for signal strength and clarity, on a one to five scale. It's also the band's fifth album, if you're keeping score.) Semantic snarkiness aside, Naked Blue -- husband-and-wife team Scott and Jen Smith (along with a little help from their friends) -- have turned in a charming, grown-up adult contemporary album with Five by Five. Singer Jen out-Crows Sheryl on clever tracks like "Miami", where her narrator leaves a trouble relationship for sunnier climes, her boyfriend stuck holding the snow shovel, and out-Colvins Shawn on the smoky, sexy, bluesy "Break Me". It's not just Mrs. Smith having all the fun, either. Scott's guitar lends a friendly twang to album opener "Pink Hat", and his choogling dobro propels the sweet (but not saccharine) love song "Extraordinarily". A simple, intimate album about being in and out of love, Five by Five is adult contemporary for people who think "adult contemporary" is a bad word." STEPHEN HAAG, POP MATTERS

Naked Blue: Five by Five (Bluetick Records) "There's a well-worn premise that states that all rock'n' roll consists of three chords and all songs pretty much evolve out of those. So though it dispels the notion that rock is that most original of all pop genres, it doesn't begin to explain how much great music has come about as a result. Naked Blue, a husband-and-wife duo from Washington DC, may not garner any awards for bursting those boundaries, although their bio lists several hometown accolades. In fact, listening to their new disc, Five by Five, one can't help but be lured into a mental game of name that sound-alike: some Alanis Morissette here, some Aimee Mann there, a touch of Jonatha Brooke and Lucinda Williams tossed in for good measure. That's not to negate their craft however; theirs is the type of sounds that's ready-made for radio; obvious hooks, engaging melodies and songs that are consistently easy on the ears. If Jennifer Smith seems somewhat unsettled and forlorn, she doesn't let her conflicts drag on the music. Unlike Alanis, she always manages to keep the sound vibrant and upbeat. Several of these entries sound so familiar and engaging on first hearing, it leads to the suspicion that it's only the lack of a major label affiliation that's holding Naked Blue back. That ought to be remedied once an astute A&R rep agrees to give a listen. They could start lining the hits up now; the spunky lead-off track 'Pink Hat', the irrepressible 'Fear Of Flight', the seductive 'What Would You Say?' and the song South Florida ought to seize on 'Miami', a tune the local chamber of commerce ought to adopt as its official anthem. On the other hand, this is an album so filled with mass appeal melodies, it doesn't take a song about sunshine to warm up to their efforts." MIAMI NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT

"So, you're looking for a band that provides the full package of great vocals, harmonies, musicianship and professionalism, huh? Well, look no further. This AAA/Adult Alternative band has a beautiful and mind-blowing sound that will capture your ears and maybe even pull a few sould strings. When you're this good, not much else can be said. This is just great music and something that I highly recommend." WWW.THEGLOBALMUSE.COM

"Their harmonies, guitars and female anchored vocal leads will obviously find them compared to the latest re-emergence of Fleetwood Mac. This band is better than Fleetwood & Co., so don't bother with the comparisons. Jennifer Smith has a voice that is truly '90's...Scott Smith produces and plays guitar lines with the skill of the hottest producers around. 'Ordinary Girl', 'Never Come Back' and 'Wish' are Pop classics waiting to happen." - SPECTATOR MAGAZINE
(Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill)
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"Jennifer reminds us of people like Shawn Colvin, Edie Brickell, Jonatha Brooke and...Allison Krauss. We love this one." RECORDING MAGAZINE

The Latest DC Music Web Review of Naked Blue's new Release! - Mary Guiden

"Jennifer and Scott Smith clearly know just what they're doing...impeccably tuneful." - WASHINGTON POST

"In a perfect world this terrific release would have made the top ten..." - STEVE COLE KSPN ASPEN

"hypnotically funked up ...Naked Blue charges with the same musical intensity and honesty Melissa Etheridge is known for." - FMQB ALBUM REPORT

"One that stands out is "We Will Fly," a tune who's hummabiltiy would make Fleetwood Mac proud." - DIRTY LINEN

"Their pop always had soul, their rock always had blues...Treasure and the Pearl is one of those ingeniously balanced albums akin to Fleetwood Mac's Rumors..." - OUT AND ABOUT

"Catchy, melodic, energetic...sweet vocals and funky drums." - THE HARTFORD ADVOCATE




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